Friday, October 22, 2010

Saranghaeyo Chapter2

Time: Early Morning
Location: Minhyuk’s house

A bright new morning . . .

Minhyuk> (Sleep talking) Ohh yoona. I loveee yo~
Ryuji> Hey! Wake up! (throw a slipper)


Eunhyuk> Dude , That is one heck of a throw.
Seonki> Still he’s asleep. Let me take care of this.
                (Take a pail of water)


Ryuji> Still . . . . . . .
Eunhyuk> He’s asleep. Its my turn! (Go towards him)
                  Hey yoona is here.
Minhyuk> What?! Where is she?
Eunhyuk> Told yaa I win hahahaa
Ryuji> That is soo not fair!
Seonki> My mother juz call me sooo~ (Running away)
Ryuji> Me toooo!
Eunhyuk> Hey ryuji! Your mom is mine too (chase after them)
                  Get back here!

Minhyuk> Huaghhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a morning. (look at his alarm clock)
                  Goshhh! It’s Almost afternoon. SHOWERRRRRRR!!!!!!

After a few minutes later . . . . .

Minhyuk> Hey bro , where’s those 3 fools?
MinEun> Eunjuk chase them out of the house. Mybe at the playground.
Minhyuk> Reallly?!!!!! (quickly run outside)

From the playground . . . .

Eunjuk> Get back here!
Ryuji> Gooo away! My leg gonna cramp! Seonki! Help me out here.
Seonki> Told yaa this climbing things gonna work.
Eunjuk> Almost forgot about u. Come back here!
Seonki> Shittt! (jump down) Ryuji! Run!
Ryuji> Gimme a sec. (catching breathe)
Eunjuk> Come back here!!!!!
Ryuji> u gotta be kiddink me! He’s a monster!

Back at the house . . . . .

Minhyuk> They headed towards the shop district hahaa
                   Hey! What time is it?
MinEun> Almost two.
Minhyuk> I’m late!!!! Laters. (pack his things)
MinEun> You forgot your pants!!!
Minhyuk> Tanx (fall down)
                  Ouchhh!!! (get up n leave)

In front of the station . . . . .

Minhyuk> Make way people! Make way!
Girl #1> Hey watch it!
Minhyuk> Sorry!
Man #1> Use ur eyes !@#%$#% !
Minhyuk> That’s harsh.

Then . . . . . He hit somebody.

Minhyuk> That bite. (look at the girl he ‘crash’ at)
Yoona> (rubbing her head) minhyuk? What a coincidence
Minhyuk> Yeah (give his hand)
                  Gimme ur hand.
Yoona> tanx.
Minhyuk> What’s your story? A celeb like you also late? (smilling)
Yoona> hahaha there’s a traffic up front. I jump of the van n run here hahaa
Minhyuk> That’s soo brave of you haha.
                  Let’s take a cab . . . together.
Yoona> (look at him) Sure ^^

Time: Evening
Location: University’s Cafeteria

Yoona> Hey Seohyun ^^
Seohyun> Hey ur face a bit shining today hehee
Yoona> Is it? (Blush)
Seohyun> Seriously! Whats goin on?
Yoona> I think i sort of in love wif some boy hehee
Seohyun> Really? Who is it?
Yoona> He is computer graphic student. Search it yourself hahaa
Seohyun> Come on! Tell me!
Yoona> U will know him soon enough. I got to return this book to the library. Laters.

At the library . . . . .

Minhyuk> Hey Seonki! Help me find this book!
Seonki> Its not here. Someone must have take it.
Minhyuk> I saw the book 4 the last couple of days rite here.
Seonki> Ask the receptionist.
Minhyuk> Hey can u look 4 this book 4 me?
Receptionist> In a minute please . . . . .
Yoona> Here is the book. I want to return it.
Minhyuk> This is the book i’ve been lookin 4. T-ta~ (See the girl face)
Yoona> Minhyuk? Evenink. Too many coincidence 4 us these days hahaa
Minhyuk> Ofcos. Its like we mean 4 each other hahaha
Yoona> Hahaha (Blush)
Seonki> U found it?
Minhyuk> Yeah. Hey meet Yoona.
Seonki> Soo t-this is her. Hahaa
               Minhyuk wingman ^^ Seonki
Yoona> (shake hands) Wingman? Whats that?
Seonki> Its like . . . . .
Minhyuk> Cut it off! (Smake him at the back)
                  Lets go 4 a drink. Wanna come?
Yoona> Sure.
Minhyuk> How bout u? Seonki?
Seonki> I’ll pass. I got something to do here. (Wink at minhyuk)
Minhyuk> Ohh (smilling)
                   See u back home ^^
Seonki> Laters!
Minhyuk> Soo where are we goin? Is this some kind of a date? Hahaaa
Yoona> Cut it off! (Push him aside)
Minhyuk> Hahaha u are soo cute ^^

 To be continued . . .

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