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Saranghaeyo Chapter3

Time: Around after noon
Place: Cafeteria

Minhyuk> Huarghhhhh i feel sooo sleppy . . .
                   I had a training later. This is soo tiredsome!
Seonki> U should quit the movies job. A junior high coach will be suites u.
Minhyuk> Maybe i should . . .

Then . . . someone cut their talk.

????(Big Guy)> Which one of u is minhyuk?
Minhyuk> Meeee . . . Y?
                   Am I owe u a money or things?
????(Big Guy)> Yeah . . .

Suddenly a punch coming at him . . . . . PUNCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

????(Big Guy)> Stay ur butt away from my girl . . . . .
                            Guys take him down.
Minhyuk> Wait2 . . . . . Arghhh before that. Whoo are u?
Yujeong> I’m Shin Yu-Jeong  . . . Take him away!

PUNCHHH!!!!!!!! KICK!!!!!!! SMASH!!!!!!!!! THROW!!!!!!! BAMMMM!!!!!! . . . After that.

Seonki> Huh Huh Huh . . . great of u able to take some of them.
Minhyuk> Juz lucky . . . Im beat.
                  U thinks they gonna follow me next?
Seonki> Maybeee.

That nite . . .

Time: Late Night
Place: Somewhere at Kangnam resident

Minhyuk> Hey Wolfie! Dont keep running away! Stay keep!
Minhyuk> Hey u furball! Don’t disturb the lady!

He run towards there . . .

Minhyuk> Sorry bout that miss. Ur grounded mister!
Wolfie> (nod down n looks disappointed)

Then a girl goes towards him . . . . .

Yoona> Minhyukk . . .?
Minhyuk> Yoona! What a coincidence . . . Whatcha doin here?
Yoona> Juz take some air ^^
Minhyuk> Take this guy 4 a walk . . .
Yoona> Guy? Who? (weird face)
Minhyuk> This fella ri~ (while peek to his side then . . .) He’s gone again!
                    I gotta look for him!

Then something ‘crash’ at him . . . CRASHHHHHHH!!!!

Wolfie> WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!! (Looks excited)
Yoona> Ohhhh he is sooo cute! What is his name?
Minhyuk> Ouchhh . . . Its wolfie. Mann thats hurt.
Yoona> Haha sorry sorry. Forget bout U (Pick him up)
Minhyuk> I’m curious. I never ask u this.
                   Do you has a boyfriend?
Yoona> Huh? Y u ask me this? (blushing)
Minhyuk> Juz curious . . . Does u?
Yoona> Nooooo. Seriously ^^
Minhyuk> Gud to know ^^ hehee . . .
                   (Whispering) Then who is the guy from this morning.
Yoona> Excuse me. . . I heard u said something.
Minhyuk> It’s nothing ^^

Then a group of guy come towards them . . . . .

Minhyuk> U are the guy from this noon . . . . .
Wolfie> WOOOF WOOF WOOF! (Looks really angry)
Yoona> Yujeong? What are u doing here?
Yujeong> To settle a score . . . Get him!
Minhyuk> Yoona goo away! (Pushed her away)

To be continued . . .

Saranghaeyo Chapter2

Time: Early Morning
Location: Minhyuk’s house

A bright new morning . . .

Minhyuk> (Sleep talking) Ohh yoona. I loveee yo~
Ryuji> Hey! Wake up! (throw a slipper)


Eunhyuk> Dude , That is one heck of a throw.
Seonki> Still he’s asleep. Let me take care of this.
                (Take a pail of water)


Ryuji> Still . . . . . . .
Eunhyuk> He’s asleep. Its my turn! (Go towards him)
                  Hey yoona is here.
Minhyuk> What?! Where is she?
Eunhyuk> Told yaa I win hahahaa
Ryuji> That is soo not fair!
Seonki> My mother juz call me sooo~ (Running away)
Ryuji> Me toooo!
Eunhyuk> Hey ryuji! Your mom is mine too (chase after them)
                  Get back here!

Minhyuk> Huaghhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a morning. (look at his alarm clock)
                  Goshhh! It’s Almost afternoon. SHOWERRRRRRR!!!!!!

After a few minutes later . . . . .

Minhyuk> Hey bro , where’s those 3 fools?
MinEun> Eunjuk chase them out of the house. Mybe at the playground.
Minhyuk> Reallly?!!!!! (quickly run outside)

From the playground . . . .

Eunjuk> Get back here!
Ryuji> Gooo away! My leg gonna cramp! Seonki! Help me out here.
Seonki> Told yaa this climbing things gonna work.
Eunjuk> Almost forgot about u. Come back here!
Seonki> Shittt! (jump down) Ryuji! Run!
Ryuji> Gimme a sec. (catching breathe)
Eunjuk> Come back here!!!!!
Ryuji> u gotta be kiddink me! He’s a monster!

Back at the house . . . . .

Minhyuk> They headed towards the shop district hahaa
                   Hey! What time is it?
MinEun> Almost two.
Minhyuk> I’m late!!!! Laters. (pack his things)
MinEun> You forgot your pants!!!
Minhyuk> Tanx (fall down)
                  Ouchhh!!! (get up n leave)

In front of the station . . . . .

Minhyuk> Make way people! Make way!
Girl #1> Hey watch it!
Minhyuk> Sorry!
Man #1> Use ur eyes !@#%$#% !
Minhyuk> That’s harsh.

Then . . . . . He hit somebody.

Minhyuk> That bite. (look at the girl he ‘crash’ at)
Yoona> (rubbing her head) minhyuk? What a coincidence
Minhyuk> Yeah (give his hand)
                  Gimme ur hand.
Yoona> tanx.
Minhyuk> What’s your story? A celeb like you also late? (smilling)
Yoona> hahaha there’s a traffic up front. I jump of the van n run here hahaa
Minhyuk> That’s soo brave of you haha.
                  Let’s take a cab . . . together.
Yoona> (look at him) Sure ^^

Time: Evening
Location: University’s Cafeteria

Yoona> Hey Seohyun ^^
Seohyun> Hey ur face a bit shining today hehee
Yoona> Is it? (Blush)
Seohyun> Seriously! Whats goin on?
Yoona> I think i sort of in love wif some boy hehee
Seohyun> Really? Who is it?
Yoona> He is computer graphic student. Search it yourself hahaa
Seohyun> Come on! Tell me!
Yoona> U will know him soon enough. I got to return this book to the library. Laters.

At the library . . . . .

Minhyuk> Hey Seonki! Help me find this book!
Seonki> Its not here. Someone must have take it.
Minhyuk> I saw the book 4 the last couple of days rite here.
Seonki> Ask the receptionist.
Minhyuk> Hey can u look 4 this book 4 me?
Receptionist> In a minute please . . . . .
Yoona> Here is the book. I want to return it.
Minhyuk> This is the book i’ve been lookin 4. T-ta~ (See the girl face)
Yoona> Minhyuk? Evenink. Too many coincidence 4 us these days hahaa
Minhyuk> Ofcos. Its like we mean 4 each other hahaha
Yoona> Hahaha (Blush)
Seonki> U found it?
Minhyuk> Yeah. Hey meet Yoona.
Seonki> Soo t-this is her. Hahaa
               Minhyuk wingman ^^ Seonki
Yoona> (shake hands) Wingman? Whats that?
Seonki> Its like . . . . .
Minhyuk> Cut it off! (Smake him at the back)
                  Lets go 4 a drink. Wanna come?
Yoona> Sure.
Minhyuk> How bout u? Seonki?
Seonki> I’ll pass. I got something to do here. (Wink at minhyuk)
Minhyuk> Ohh (smilling)
                   See u back home ^^
Seonki> Laters!
Minhyuk> Soo where are we goin? Is this some kind of a date? Hahaaa
Yoona> Cut it off! (Push him aside)
Minhyuk> Hahaha u are soo cute ^^

 To be continued . . .

Saranghaeyo Chapter1

Time: Midnight
Location: Kangnam Resident

One lovely midnight . . .

Sooyoung> Yoona! Come on . . . The movies is gonna start!
Yoona> Coming! Hey yuri . . . s-sure u don’t want to go?
Yuri> I’ll pass ^^
Yoona> Okie dokie . . . Hey girlfriend! Lets go.
             What is movie title we going to watch?

Meanwhile . . .
Location: Movies Entrance

Minhyuk> [ Hey , Help me look after wolfie at the house . . . I’m work double shift today ]
                 (On a phonecall)
Seonki> [ Again?! Dude . . . Cut of some slack. Yeah2. Bring me something to eat. Laters ]
              (On a phonecall)
Minhyuk> [Yeah2. Bbyee] (close his phone)
                 Boring nyte . . . . AGAIN! I’m sooo sleppy.

Somebody running towards him . . .

Sooyoung> Has the movie start yet?
Minhyuk> Huh? I guess . . . . . not.
Sooyoung> Hey yoona! Hurry up! Your ticket . . . Here’s mine
Minhyuk> Your good to go! All abort! Your’s?
Yoona> Gimme a sec. . . . .SOOYOUNG!
              I sort of , accidentally somehow left it back home .
Sooyoung> What?! We should prepare early next time.
Minhyuk> ^^ Tell u what . . . My boss has gone home by now. Wanna watch it wif me?
                 My treat . . . Bored/sleppy to stand here alone ^^
Yoona> Ohhhh tanx ^^
Sooyoung> He such a gentlemen ahahah

After the movie . . .

Minhyuk> Well that’s refreshing! May i ask you two something?
Yoona> What is it?
Minhyuk> Why are u too dress like this? Like a . . . disguise. Wif that sunglasses . . .
                 (Weird expression)
Sooyoung> C-coss . . . . .(take off her disguise) Sooyoung ^^
Yoona> Yoona ^^ (Take off her hat n sunglasses)
Minhyuk> H-hey i know u too hahaa. Today is my luckiest shift! ^^ Almost forgot.
                Park Min-Hyuk ^^
Yoona> Nice meetin yaa. Tanx 4 the treat ^^
Sooyoung> N some free popcorn hahaa
Minhyuk> If u wanna more of it come find me here hahaa. My boss would never know ^^
                Soooo why did yaa dress like a runaway people
Sooyooung> Hehee we got some rules about going out midnight during weekdays.
Minhyuk> A celebrity also got a bedtime schedule? Hahaa
Yoona> Something like that ^^
Sooyoung> Yoona? Its getting late. Let’s head home
Yoona> Oke. Tanx again ^^
Minhyuk> Hey yoona? Can we meet another time?
Yoona> Hmm (Look at sooyoung)
Sooyoung> (whisper) Go 4 it. Say yes ^^
Minhyuk> . . . . ?
Yoona> Sure ^^

Minhyuk> Really?! ^^. Well then see ya again.
                 My shift isn’t over yet. Laters!
Yoona> Bbyee ^^
Sooyoung> He’s into u hahaha
Yoona> Shutup! Haha (Shy expression)
Minhyuk> (Look towards yoona) I gonna meet her again ^^ (Dreaming 4 a while)
                Ohh crap! I better get at my post . . .

That night . . .
Location: SNSD’s dorm/house , Kangnam Resident

Yuri> Hey yoona . . . you left your ticket here. How did u get in the movies?
Yoona> Yup ^^ (while spining2 around , like dancing)
Yuri> Alrite then (weird expression) Hey sooyoung , what’s wif her?
Sooyoung> Its a long story . . . but i will tell you. DEFINITELY!
Yoona> LaLaLaLaLa (still dancing2 around)

Time> Early morning
Location> Dongguk University

Minhyuk> Ohh shit! I’m late! Why didn’t he wake me up?! Stupid Housemate.
                Now i’m thinking bout to move out wif someone else.

While he was blabbering to himself

Yoona> Goshhh. That’s hurt.
Minhyuk> Watch where your~ (He look at her)
Yoona? You are a student here? What a coincidence.
Yoona> You? Minhyuk rite?
             Yup! I’ve never seen you around here.
Minhyuk> I ditch a lot last semester. Now i’m back ^^
Yoona> Hehee What course did you take?
Minhyuk> Hmm computer grafic like designing things ^^
Yoona> Ohh Im in the drama n acting class . . .
Minhyuk> Ohhh but That’s mean i can see you all day over n over again.
Yoona> Rite ^^ (blush)
              Before that what time is it?
Minhyuk> Speaking of that. (look at his watch)
                Its enough time 4 us to miss the class.
Yoona> Whattt?! Come on!
Minhyuk> U gotta kiddink me. Why can we juz get a drink at the cafe?
Yoona> (get up n quickly leave) See yaaa.
Minhyuk> Wait up! Seriously , lets have a drink. I’m tired!

To be continued . . .

Saranghaeyo Characters :)

Like i said in '15 facts about me' no4 , i love scripting . . . . .
That is the whole point of this blog. Enjoy the script :)

Saranghaeyo– Main Characters (Heroes)

Name: Park Min-Hyuk
Age: 21
Occupation: Student (Dongguk University)
Personality: Adventurous. Great sense of humor. Altruistic. Loves to enjoy life. Caring and loving.
Faithful friend. Confident personality. Quite sensitive. Warm and considerate towards people.
Appearances: Heechul-like hair , white clothes , headphones
Likes: Football , Hangout , Games , Walk with his dog , Sleep , Sing
Dislikes: Loud girls , Rain , Something bothering him
Close People: Park Min-Eun (Brother) , Ahn Seon-Ki & Han Twins (Bestfriends) , Wolfie (Dog)
Other Notes: He take a drama n acting course in the university

Name: Ahn Seon-Ki
Age: 22
Occupation: Student (Dongguk University)
Personality: Exuberant and cheerful. Deep thinker. Good sense of humor. Understanding nature. Faithful towards family, friends and your love. Easy going. Attractive personality. Generous. Amiable. Ambitious.
Appearances: Siwon-like hair , Long sleeves n shorts
Likes: Football , Guitar , Games , Hangout
Dislikes: Something annoying
Close People: Ahn Seon-Mi (Brother) , Park Min-Hyuk & Han Twins (Beestfriends)
Other Notes: Very smart , from the royal family

Name: Han Eun-Juk
Age: 21
Occupation: Student(Dongguk University)
Personality: Charming and graceful. Love to indulge in creative stuff. Joyful attitude towards life. Unpredictable at times. Peace lover. A good motivator. Sympathetic. Trustworthy. Very generous.
Appearances: Spiky Hair , Hoddie n shorts
Likes: Doing pranks , Drums , Games , Hangout
Dislikes: The caunselor , Somebody messes  with their pranks
Close People: Han Ryu-Ji (Twin Brother) , Park Min-Hyuk & Ahn Seon-Ki (Bestfriends)
Other Notes:

Name: Han Ryu-Ji
Age: 21
Occupation: Student (Dongguk University)
Personality: Good looking and sexy. Faithful lover. Dominating personality. Ambitious towards life. Never give up spirit. Smart and well dressed. Forgiving nature. You like to enjoy life to the fullest. Outgoing. Industrious.
Appearances: Leeteuk-like hair , Snowcaps
Likes: Doing pranks , Guitar n Sing , Games , Hangout , Seohyun ^^
Close People: Han Eun-Juk (Twin Brother) , Park Min-Hyuk & Ahn Seon-Ki (Bestfriends)
Other Notes:

Saranghaeyo – Main Characters (Heroins)

Name: Im Yoon-A
Age: 21
Occupation: Student (Dongguk University) , Singer (SNSD)
Personality: Adventurous. Great sense of humor. Altruistic. Loves to enjoy life. Caring and loving. Faithful friend. Confident personality. Quite sensitive. Warm and considerate towards people.
Close People: Kwon Yu-Ri & Choi Soo-Young & Seo Joo-Hyun & Rest of the members (Roomate)
Other Notes:

Name: Kwon Yu-Ri
Age: 22
Occupation: Student (Chang-Un University) , Singer (SNSD)
Personality: Charming and graceful. Love to indulge in creative stuff. Joyful attitude towards life. Unpredictable at times. Peace lover. A good motivator. Sympathetic. Trustworthy. Very generous.
Close People: Im Yoon-A & Choi Soo-Young & Seo Joo-Hyun & Rest of the members (Roomate)
Other Notes:

Name: Choi Soo-Young
Age: 21
Occupation: Student (Chang-Un University) , Singer (SNSD)
Close People: Im Yoon-A & Kwon Yu-Ri ,& Seo Joo-Hyun & Rest of the members (Roomate)
Other Notes:

Name: Seo Joo-Hyun
Age: 20
Occupation: Student (Dongguk University) , Singer (SNSD)
Personality: Wise and humble. Inspiring character. Creative bent of mind. Fun to be with. Loyal lover. Good looker and great dresser. Confident. Center of attention in a crowd. Love the finer things of life. Caring.
Close People: Im Yoon-A & Kwon Yu-Ri & Choi Soo-Young & Rest of the members (Roomate)
Other Notes:

I think most of u familiar with the heroins.
this is more like a fanfics :)
It make my work easier hehee 

15 Facts about me!!! (must know)

15 facts about me :)

1. Love talking crap
2. Not good in talking
3. A bad leader
4. Love making a script story :)
5. Really in love with KPOP!!!!
6. Easy going n tolerate person
7. Hate studying . . . . .
8. Really care bout we migth people think
9. Care about looks :)
10. Not a photogenic and looks crappy in it too
11. Not good in making friends (maybe)
12. A clumsy person with his things (always lost it)
13. Does not care about his belongings (whether its gone or stolen)
14. A very good listener (i spell it correctly , rite? )
15. Ran Out of idea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .