Friday, October 22, 2010

Saranghaeyo Chapter1

Time: Midnight
Location: Kangnam Resident

One lovely midnight . . .

Sooyoung> Yoona! Come on . . . The movies is gonna start!
Yoona> Coming! Hey yuri . . . s-sure u don’t want to go?
Yuri> I’ll pass ^^
Yoona> Okie dokie . . . Hey girlfriend! Lets go.
             What is movie title we going to watch?

Meanwhile . . .
Location: Movies Entrance

Minhyuk> [ Hey , Help me look after wolfie at the house . . . I’m work double shift today ]
                 (On a phonecall)
Seonki> [ Again?! Dude . . . Cut of some slack. Yeah2. Bring me something to eat. Laters ]
              (On a phonecall)
Minhyuk> [Yeah2. Bbyee] (close his phone)
                 Boring nyte . . . . AGAIN! I’m sooo sleppy.

Somebody running towards him . . .

Sooyoung> Has the movie start yet?
Minhyuk> Huh? I guess . . . . . not.
Sooyoung> Hey yoona! Hurry up! Your ticket . . . Here’s mine
Minhyuk> Your good to go! All abort! Your’s?
Yoona> Gimme a sec. . . . .SOOYOUNG!
              I sort of , accidentally somehow left it back home .
Sooyoung> What?! We should prepare early next time.
Minhyuk> ^^ Tell u what . . . My boss has gone home by now. Wanna watch it wif me?
                 My treat . . . Bored/sleppy to stand here alone ^^
Yoona> Ohhhh tanx ^^
Sooyoung> He such a gentlemen ahahah

After the movie . . .

Minhyuk> Well that’s refreshing! May i ask you two something?
Yoona> What is it?
Minhyuk> Why are u too dress like this? Like a . . . disguise. Wif that sunglasses . . .
                 (Weird expression)
Sooyoung> C-coss . . . . .(take off her disguise) Sooyoung ^^
Yoona> Yoona ^^ (Take off her hat n sunglasses)
Minhyuk> H-hey i know u too hahaa. Today is my luckiest shift! ^^ Almost forgot.
                Park Min-Hyuk ^^
Yoona> Nice meetin yaa. Tanx 4 the treat ^^
Sooyoung> N some free popcorn hahaa
Minhyuk> If u wanna more of it come find me here hahaa. My boss would never know ^^
                Soooo why did yaa dress like a runaway people
Sooyooung> Hehee we got some rules about going out midnight during weekdays.
Minhyuk> A celebrity also got a bedtime schedule? Hahaa
Yoona> Something like that ^^
Sooyoung> Yoona? Its getting late. Let’s head home
Yoona> Oke. Tanx again ^^
Minhyuk> Hey yoona? Can we meet another time?
Yoona> Hmm (Look at sooyoung)
Sooyoung> (whisper) Go 4 it. Say yes ^^
Minhyuk> . . . . ?
Yoona> Sure ^^

Minhyuk> Really?! ^^. Well then see ya again.
                 My shift isn’t over yet. Laters!
Yoona> Bbyee ^^
Sooyoung> He’s into u hahaha
Yoona> Shutup! Haha (Shy expression)
Minhyuk> (Look towards yoona) I gonna meet her again ^^ (Dreaming 4 a while)
                Ohh crap! I better get at my post . . .

That night . . .
Location: SNSD’s dorm/house , Kangnam Resident

Yuri> Hey yoona . . . you left your ticket here. How did u get in the movies?
Yoona> Yup ^^ (while spining2 around , like dancing)
Yuri> Alrite then (weird expression) Hey sooyoung , what’s wif her?
Sooyoung> Its a long story . . . but i will tell you. DEFINITELY!
Yoona> LaLaLaLaLa (still dancing2 around)

Time> Early morning
Location> Dongguk University

Minhyuk> Ohh shit! I’m late! Why didn’t he wake me up?! Stupid Housemate.
                Now i’m thinking bout to move out wif someone else.

While he was blabbering to himself

Yoona> Goshhh. That’s hurt.
Minhyuk> Watch where your~ (He look at her)
Yoona? You are a student here? What a coincidence.
Yoona> You? Minhyuk rite?
             Yup! I’ve never seen you around here.
Minhyuk> I ditch a lot last semester. Now i’m back ^^
Yoona> Hehee What course did you take?
Minhyuk> Hmm computer grafic like designing things ^^
Yoona> Ohh Im in the drama n acting class . . .
Minhyuk> Ohhh but That’s mean i can see you all day over n over again.
Yoona> Rite ^^ (blush)
              Before that what time is it?
Minhyuk> Speaking of that. (look at his watch)
                Its enough time 4 us to miss the class.
Yoona> Whattt?! Come on!
Minhyuk> U gotta kiddink me. Why can we juz get a drink at the cafe?
Yoona> (get up n quickly leave) See yaaa.
Minhyuk> Wait up! Seriously , lets have a drink. I’m tired!

To be continued . . .

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